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About Us

As uOttawa alumni, we are familiar with stories of disappointed graduates who are still being offered bland, boring grad photos. We took the university slogan to heart and decided that it was time to defy the convential.

We offer grad photos for the 21st century by providing you with the ideal package: a heart-warming graduation photo that your family wants, some professional photos that you need, and maybe even some fun photos to share with your friends.

You’re the one graduating, right? We want to provide you with photos you will actually use.

The Ultimate Package – $85

Two Birds, One Stone

We’re taking professional photosones you can use on your personal site or social media profile. Why not update your LinkedIn profile and show your employers you’re photogenic professional?

No Rush

We’re no “one-shot” stands. Nothing’s worse than a photographer who isn’t willing to go the extra mile. You’ll get 30 minutes of photography time and we’ll definitely get a few good ones!

True Masterpieces

We give you 5 digital, beautifully edited photos. That’s one for the parents, one for the grandparents, one for your future boss, one for your friends, and one for your pet. Spot wants his photo too!

And Printing?

That’s right, we give you digital photos as part of the package, but we do offer printing services if you need them. Tell us how many you need and the sizes you want, and we can give you a quote!

Suggestions Welcome

Do you have a particular concept in mind? Bring it on!  With exams around the corner, we want you to have fun with this. Just ask us, we can make it happen!

Easy Payment

To make the whole process convenient and simple, we offer online booking and payment. Let’s get started!

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30 Fourth Avenue, Apt. 6
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S2K9